I'd Love To Help You On Your Journey To Impact The World

I love having conversations about ideas, progress and a better world. What I want for you is for your business to get off the ground, grow and have a major impact on those who need your service, your presence, your vision, your product, your tools and more. 

Meet Dave

Multi-faceted lover of peace, joy, happiness and plantain, with talents that have seen him write spoken word/poetry, produce music tracks, create websites, present on radio, DJ at clubs, record voiceovers, direct music promos, author two books on personal finance and more.

He is also the founder of Peace, Love & T-Shirts, Caramel Radio and Grapes & Bladders.

"A little thing most don't know about me is that I absolutely love it when someone looks lost on the street and I'm able to help them with directions to their destination. I love it! That might be part of the reason I love helping people look at their business ideas and plans and map out a way to achieve their goals. Let me know the destination and my mind immediately goes into solution mode to find ways to get you there"

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These two books are on the subject of personal finance in a bid to help people avoid some of the stress that money matters can bring up in life. "Seeds" is aimed at ages 8 to 80 and "Don't Do What I Did" can be for anyone 15+. I used to be in quite a chunky bit of debt, but after learning some of the finance principles usually kept away from us, I created some presentations and tools along with these two books to help people. If you would like hard copies, feel free to get in touch.rea


The Story Most Children Are Never Told

Available on the Kindle and more


Spoken Word / Poetry

I would write poetry every now and then inspired by events in the world and sometimes as self reflection. One day I saw my friend playing piano and thought...hmmm...this could become a nice little project.

Love Tinted Glasses, Vol. 2

Available to stream on Spotify, YouTube and more

Love Tinted Glasses, Vol. 1 Booklet

Full Colour Limited Edition


What is Evolu-Sol?

It's operating from a place of peace, love, joy and happiness. A combination of love and the soul in such a way that you shine from within, kind of like the evolution of the Sun...


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