Touch Base

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An initial chat that shouldn't take more than 15-30 minutes to touch base and understand the overview of your business and the impact you'd like to make.




Business And Idea Development Sessions

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An initial dedicated 4-hour session to go through:

  • Refining Ideas for your Business and Website
  • Refining Your Packages Offered
  • Business Strategies
  • Financial Review and Projection for Products and Services
  • Analysis of Profit Margins to increase where possible
  • Financial Goal Planning for your desired lifestyle
  • Refining Communication Messages / Phrases for Marketing Messages

This session goes into the core of your idea and your business, to understand, enhance and develop it to increase the impact you want to have and we also want to look at it from a time and money perspective. This will include ideas to streamline and automate where possible, which in turn, is intended to allow you to achieve the lifestyle balance you desire.

There will be a document that we go through and update over the course of the sessions and this will give you an insight into the aspects of your business idea that can be worked on to get you closer to the desired outcome and have the impact you want to have.

This program includes a further 4 sessions of at least one hour each to go over progress and enhance any processes and ideas put in place. he


1-Hour Development Session

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A dedicated 1-hour session to go through any aspect of your business which could be:

  • General Discussion of Ideas for your Business and Website
  • Financial Review of Products and Services
  • Discussing Communication Messages/Phrases for Marketing M

This could also be used as a follow-up session to the Business and Idea Development Program.


Pitch Sessions

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Develop and practice your pitch so you can ensure your clients can easily know what your business does, and this also gives other attendees the opportunity to connect with you, and maybe even help you towards your goals.